Some Great and Easy Landscaping Ideas for Your Home

If you are in need for some landscaping ideas here are a few for you to help you add some variety to your garden and to help you add some color to your home all the year round. You should be able to use some of these great ideas to liven up your garden.

Flowers are key to making your home look more welcoming to all who come to visit. You can adorn your homes entrance with a variety of both annuals and perennials to make sure that you have some sort of color going on all year round. Flowers such as Petunias, Snapdragons, Lily-of-the-Nile and roses called “Gertrude Jekyl” are wonderful additions to the front of your home. Also, if you only have a small space from the street to the front of your home, you can give the illusion that you are farther from the street by adding a low fence in the front of your yard and this makes for a great way to include some vining plants as well.

Whether you have a fence, trellis or an arbor in your front or back yard or maybe even both, there is a great vining plant that you can use that will really create some great beauty. This would be the Clematis. It is one of the showiest vines around. It has blossoms that come in blue, purple, white, pink or red. You not only can plant them by a fence or on a trellis they can also plant them in containers and then just let them grow over shrubs or your perennials.

You can dress up your driveway by sculpting the landscape around it. You can start by making a raised island of growing area in the middle point of where the driveway is and then you can add some low boxwood hedges that go toward the back of the island along with roses, perennials, annuals that can all rise above the hedge that is in front. You can blend a variety of different colors, heights and textures to add more interest to the garden area and away from the driveway.

If you happen to have soil that doesn’t seem to be too friendly to a lot of plants then you might want to go with the no fuss lilies called Crinums. These plants are not bothered by drought, they don’t mind hot or humid summers and they are not particular about the kind of soil you plant them in. The only thing they seem to prefer is to have about five hours of sunlight each day. The grow beautiful lily like flowers that fill their air with their fragrance.

If you live in an area that might be frequented by deer here are a few landscaping ideas that can help you to enjoy a beautiful garden along with the deer. What you need to do is to plant flowers that you find beautiful and deer find awful. Those would be perennials such as butterfly weed, globe thistle, “royal red” butterfly bush or the purple cornflower. You can find any of these at your local gardening center.

If you want to add different dimensions to your yard you can achieve that by including some elevated planters and hanging baskets. This will help to create a continuous wave of lovely color. These are perfect for those plants that require extremely good drainage and aeration.

Often the garage, workspace or shed is not exactly the nicest looking spot but you can use these spaces in order to create a beautiful display of different plants and flowers. You can add brackets and wooden planks to make shelving on the outside of these structures anywhere you wish, above a door, window, wherever. Then you can take light fibreglass planters and fill them with flowering plants to help hide some of the unattractiveness of the structure. You can also place a variety of potted plants on the ground in front and along the sides of these structures, making sure you have a variety of heights.

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