Growing Horseradish

Grow in cool climates in rich, moist soil. Dig one root at a time to use when it’s fresh and hot. Horseradish root looks like an old dog bone. You can make horseradish sauce by peeling the root and blending it with vinegar. Grind together three parts horseradish cubes with one part white vinegar and a little salt. You can refrigerate the sauce for up to three months or freeze it.

How to plant. Buy a root at the store, stick it in de ground, and it should grow within a few weeks_ It can be that easy. For more plants, buy a root with several crowns at the top end. Cut off each of these little crowns along with a wedge of the main root 2 to 3 inches long and plant them about 1 foot apart. Set the cuttings small end down and big end 2 inches below the soil surface. Plant them in a sunny place in loose. rack-free soil so the roots can grow uninhibited.
Harvesting. Roots grow most in late summer and early fall, so the best time to harvest is in Octobe- or November. From late fall through spring, dig up roots with a fork as you’re ready to use them. Once your plants are fully established, you can probably dig some outer roots year round. Freshly dug roots are most flavorful.
In containers. The horseradish root is too large to be practical for containers.

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