Great Garden Party Decorating Ideas

Not many people think about having a garden party when it comes to outdoor parties. They usually think about backyard BBQ’s instead. But it might be something that you might want to consider having to change things up a bit. Sometimes it is nice to do something that is a little more elegant than what you normally do when it comes to outdoor entertaining. Here you will find a few garden party decorating ideas to help get you started.

Garden Inspired Centerpieces – You can make edible centerpieces by using colorful square tins that are filled with baby carrots, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, fresh asparagus or any other type of fresh vegetable that will add color. Then offer some creamy dips such as an herb dip or ranch for on the side.

Floating Flowers Platter Centerpiece – Take platters, add some small bowls and votive candles. Add water to the bowls and float peonies or any flower of your choice in the bowls and set on your tables where your guests will be sitting.

Checkered Moss Centerpieces – Add some fun and lushness to your tables by taking a galvanized metal planter you can get at any garden center, add some fresh potting soil and get two shades of Irish moss and then create a checkerboard pattern. You can later plant the Irish moss in your yard.

Stone and Moss Centerpieces – Get some cushion moss and put it on outdoor tables and then set some stones on top of the moss to make a natural and pretty centerpiece for your table. You can also place votive candles along the sides of the moss down the length of the table.

Herb Centerpieces – This is especially easy if you already have your own herb garden. Just take the overflow of your herbs and put the extra in small bowls. You can include dill, rosemary, mint, basil, thyme, flowering herbs, some edible flowers, just use your imagination.

Silk Flower Lights – You can use this for both day and night garden parties. You just take some Christmas lights and then cover them with silk flowers of your choice then use these lights to decorate the garden party area. During the day they are strings of pretty flowers and at night they add some radiant light for an evening garden party.

Simple Free Floating Centerpieces – Take some small bowls with water and simply add flowers from your garden such as roses, phlox or nasturtiums. They make wonderful small centerpieces for your tables.

Outdoor Pillows – Add a little charm and comfort to the outdoors by adding some brightly colored throw pillows. You can buy them with vinyl covers already or just take some small pillows and some vinyl tablecloths and cover your own. Place around the garden on chairs and benches.

Herbal Sodas – Use 7 Up or Ginger Ale for example and add sprigs of whatever herb you would prefer, good examples would be mint, basil, thyme, tarragon or lemon verbena. They decorate the sodas nicely and add wonderful fragrances as well.

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